Saturday, February 10, 2018

Still here!

Hey everyone.

Getting things back into a groove. As you can see I did some work on the web page. Still trying to figure some things out. I want to do more but this is a start. Finishing up on more pages for the current story, "Gatekeeper". Those should post soon. I've been working on some other artwork that's been thumping around in my head for awhile. Hope you like it.

Somehow I convinced myself over a long period of time that I couldn't do both illustrations and a web comic. It was driving me nuts! That was affecting the quality of both. I can and I will do both from now on!

Some of you have asked for some examples of my "other" artwork. Two pieces, the first I did back in 2003, a "dummy" for a local paper here in Tucson, Arizona and the next is my most recent illustration of a juvenile red-tailed hawk I had about the same time. His name was Regal. Hope you like them.



Saturday, November 4, 2017

Change of Direction

Over the last several months I'm sure you've all noticed a decrease in regularity at my site. Believe me I've noticed it too. There many more things that I want to do with this site. Things that require more time, skill and concentration than I am capable of giving at this time. While I'm not abandoning Irth Chronicles, I do need some time to regroup and rethink the concept. It's not growing as I think it should. I'll still post, new artwork, projects and such but storytelling will be put on hold for a while. Thanks for your patience and support (prayers too).

Here are some roughs from the current story. Enjoy...
God Bless,

Your Artist,