Sunday, April 16, 2017

God bless you all this Easter!

Thanks for viewing! Another story finished. I sincerely hope you enjoyed the story. I thank the Lord
for everyone that stopped by. As each story ends I like to post the different places that my stories touch. This is the list for this story.

United States

Six thousand strong ! Thanks to one and all. If the Lord is speaking to you through any of my stories please listen. Time is short, our Lord Jesus Christ is calling to you. Have a great Easter and God bless you and your families.

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Twelves - Final


Sometime later back in Lisbon at the Society of Scientific Investigative Exploration Suleiman and Emily meet up with Professor Wolorwicz. “Astounding, Breathtaking! May the good Lord bless each of you! I’ve just finished your journal entries.” says Professor Wolorwicz. “They will be read for decades.”

“Thank you, Joshua. The Lord was definitely with us on this trip.” replies Suleiman.

“Since you have returned we have spent the last several weeks returning to the temple and securing the treasures you found. The gold alone will finance our endeavors for generations. The books and manuscripts will advance our understanding of our Lord Jesus Christ and those that followed Him by leaps and bounds. It also gives us great incite to plans of Satan and with God’s help, we will be better able to stand where and when we need to. We owe you both a debt we can never repay.”

“We must always be on our guard. Satan lost, but he will not stop. Even though Christ won the war at the cross, there are battles still to be fought” says Emily.
“Indeed. Some of the information we uncovered leads us to believe that there are other plans already in the works; in America.” instructs Suleiman.
Sometime later..."Ladies and Gentleman, the President of the United States, Woodrow Wilson.”