Sunday, March 20, 2011

Week 7- Chapter 1- "Deadman's Drink"

The outer rim of the Great Continental Desert was exploited by Bachmann Heavy Industries some twenty years ago.  It promised huge deposits of a variety of mineral wealth.  Unfortunately, BHI not only overestimated the the size of the deposits but, the patience of its investors as well. Most of the mines played out within ten years and investor interest dried up soon after that.  BHI pulled the majority of its assets leaving many once bustling mining towns to basically fend for themselves. A small security force provides security when available.

The town of Patch sits on the western edge of the Great Continental Desert. So-called because of the patchwork of pre-fabricated housing and CONEX boxes that provide shelter for a group of ex- miners and small businesses too stubborn or poor to go anywhere else. They eek out a living with an occasional caravan or an archaeological expedition that comes through the area.

Patch is easy pickings for those that prey on the the vulnerable.  The incident in question began...

Extract fom the Bachmann Heavy Industires, Security Division, Western Sector, Incident Rport #473615-W

Tuesday, March 15, 2011