Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Week 16- Chapter 2- "Just Another Day"

"War is ugly. Civil War is uglier still. The Republic of America entered its second civil war in 1974. What began as a noble civil rights movement for many minorities, it quickly degenerated into a struggle between classes. The three groups emerged as the major factions, the Independents, the Collective and the Maunders. The Independents and the Collective became the predominate combatants. The Maunders chose isolation and became totally convinced that technology alone could save the republic. They created vast centers for learning and research. Their discoveries and inventions were amazing. Much has been secreted away but some, exploited by the Independents and the Collective were used too inflict terrible damage upon each other.

"Many of the early battles were bloody and fought without mercy, on either side. Over the years both sides have settled into a stalemate along the great river. Both sides were evenly matched from the start.  Neither side having sufficient power necessary to eliminate the other and each have exhausted much of their manpower and technology. The Maunders have diminished in influence and have retreated to carefully hidden caches. This is the twenty fifth year of the war." 

Extracted from the Human Histories Chronicles- volume 23, section 4, 1950 through 2000.