Thursday, February 20, 2014

Jake Halo - Episode 21

Back in business.  Still looking for a scanner. But I found a local print shop that can scan for me.


Sunday, February 9, 2014

Jake Halo Interlude - Life intrudes...Again

Hey Everyone,

I sure you have noticed I haven't update "Jake" in a while. Life intruded. One of our four cats (Jackson) determined that my tabloid size scanner was just too good a place to pass up and uses it to sleep on. Another cat (Esquire), likes sleeping in my chair. A disagreement ensued and my scanner ended up on the floor! I am in search of another scanner or hoping to be able to repair this one. So, currently I have no way to get new episodes onto my computer.

However, I have used the time to redesign and rebuild my studio. Built-in bookcases and a new drawing surface. I have more room and the place doesn't look as cluttered. Which makes Tina a much happier person (happy wife, happy life). I also promised to build her an office space and a more efficient sewing area.

Thanks for stopping by. More Jake Halo is coming soon...stay tuned.