Saturday, May 16, 2015

Captain Ice vs The Cave Men #29

Hi All,

I hope you are enjoying the story. I just wanted to interject a bit of history. Nicola Tesla many of you have heard of. Tesla was a bitter rival with Thomas Edison especially during this time frame. Most don't know that it was Tesla that solved the transportation issue with electricity not Edison. The solution...AC power. Most of our wondrous electric world can traced back to Nicola Tesla.

Ian McQue ( is a very imaginative artist. His amazing work can be seen all over. The Daedalus is my poor tribute to the man and his art. The gondola design was inspired by an old WWII gondola design for the US Navy.

Going to try to pick up the pace a bit. On average I have been trying to get an episode out every ten days or so. I think I am far enough ahead to start doing weekly installments. Thanks for your readership! Just added a bunch of readers from India and China!!

As always, your comments are welcome. Enjoy.