Saturday, October 24, 2015

To One and All Thanks!

So ends the "Captain Ice vs The Cave Men." I sincerely hope you enjoyed the story. Through the course of this story I have witnessed not only an increase of readership but, an increase of diversity of readership.

All across the United States most of Western Europe, sections of Eastern Europe, Russia, India and even China. Malaysia and Indonesia had readers through the course of the story. Over three thousand of you across the globe read Captain Ice! Thank you Lord! I think it's great that a story created in Arizona can touch a variety of persons and cultures across the globe.

So what's next? The next adventure is a Steampunk story! With a new batch of characters and a further experimentation with format. I have opted to format the story in the same way that Alex Raymond did with Flash Gordon and in the Prince Valiant strip by Mark Schultz and Tom Yeates.
I hope you like it. The process is a bit more intensive than I thought but, I think it's worth it.

I pray you are all well. I pray all of you would respond to the voice of the Lord when you hear it.