Friday, December 25, 2015

Twelves - Chapter 1 continues


“ We’ll find Eddie, Professor.”, assured Suleiman.  “And we’ll find that missing manuscript too.”

“I have the utmost faith in both of you. I’ll arrange for copies of Edward’s reports be made available to you for your review. Bless you both and may our Lord accompany you on your journey.”, says the Professor.

“The Book of Revelation, how exciting. I wonder how far Eddie got in his search?” said Emily.
“I don’t know we’ll find out when we read his reports.”, said Suleiman.

“While you’re doing that I’ll start planning for our trip and I’ll reread the Book of Revelation for any  additional clues.”
 “Excellent.”, said Suleiman.

“I wonder who Eddie ran up against? , Emily inquires.
“Don’t know. Probably some collectors. Anyway we need to plan to deal with them should we come across them.”
“Weapons?”, Emily asks.
“Weapons.”, Suleiman said with a wry smile. “You can pack the Mausers.”
“Good. They’re all sighted in and ready to go.”
“I knew they would be, I knew they would be.”, Suleiman smiled.

From a balcony above a shadowy figure observes the departing couple.

Monday, December 14, 2015

Twelves - Chapter 1

Lisbon, Portugal. If you go to city center and go west until you get to the Academy of Science. 

Nearby is the Boulevard de Valte. There you will find the Society of Scientific Investigative Exploration. The Society is dedicated to the premise that scientific discovery points to the wonders of God. Some rumors persist within the Society that it was Sir Isaac Newton himself that wrote the charter for the Society. The Society endeavors to prove the bible correct and factual through scientific means .

 Society explorers routinely scour the globe looking for and finding evidence of biblical artifacts. Their collection is the world’s most expansive. Their professors are unmatched in their breadth and depth of knowledge of the Scriptures.

The office director, Professor Joshua Wolorwicz. Amidst ancient manuscripts and unique artifacts from around the world the professor sits behind his desk reading aloud the latest report to his invited guests;  Suleiman Gardoky and his wife Emily Wasteland, explorers and long time members of the Society, as well as, close friends of the professor.

“…and reports were fairly routine until this last one.", said the Professor. “ It appears its here that Edward’s search for a first generation copy of the Book of Revelation takes a turn to the bizarre. He goes on to say that he fears that others are on the trail as well and that he is going to try to get in with that group and see if he can gain some additional information. He finishes saying he’s heading off to the southern coast of Spain. That was over a month ago.”


“That’s not like Eddie. He’s a thorough investigator and a stickler for regular reports.”, Suleiman said.

“He was a great help mapping the tunnels we discovered under the Temple Mount last year, remember dear?”, said Emily.

“Yes, quite.”, affirmed Suleiman.
A Note from Gary: Sorry everyone. This is taking a lot longer than I had anticipated. I'm going to have to rethink this format. In the meantime please bear with me. I'll keep getting updates out as often as I can. Thanks for your patience.