Sunday, January 31, 2016

Twelves - Chapter Two

Later that day.

Lisbon University is used to the rare and unusual. However, witnessing a man over twelve feet tall and weighing over fifteen hundred pounds strolling across main campus is more than many of the students and faculty is prepared to endure. The man moves with an ease of motion that belies his immense size.
Striding purposefully, the man enters a select building and oblivious to the commotion he is causing he approaches the desk of the secretary.
“Yes.” The secretary says without looking up.
“Mr. Moss to see Professor Woodrow Wilson, immediately!” says the gigantic man. The secretary looks up and is startled to see such an imposing figure before him.
“Yes Mr. Moss. Right away Mr. Moss! stammers the secretary. Mr. Moss is quickly escorted down a hallway. The secretary raps twice on a particular door.
"Come" is the curt reply from behind the door.
Mr. Moss swings the door open and as his massive figure fills the doorway...
"Ahh, Mr. Moss so good to see you."