Sunday, March 13, 2016

Twelves - Chapter Two continues

 “Mr. Moss why are you here? I watched you stride across the commons causing much consternation I can assure you. I thought we’d agreed that anonymity was the best course of action at this time?”

“The Society of Scientific Investigative Exploration has sent another group of investigators to find the book. It was you who invited Edward into our circle. Now I fear we must deal with them as well.” grumbles Mr. Moss. “They are much more connected to the Almighty than Edward was. I must assume some divine intervention in the future.
“I care not for your unholy fears, Mr. Moss. You promised me two things! Ensure that I become President of the United States and that I am protected throughout that process. Fulfill your obligations!” snaps Professor Wilson.

Mr. Moss draws a deep breath and raises his face to the heavens. His eyes assume reddish hue and the room grows darker, colder. The voice that issues forth is not human but the ominous words are; “Professor Wilson, I am Lahash. I was among the first twelve with Lucifer to rebel against the Most High. We do not serve you human; you serve us at our behest! See that you remember that. Your pitiful delusions of grandeur and desire for power do not matter to us. You will bow to us no matter which country you possess.” Woodrow trembles, he has seen the man he knows as Mr. Moss, angry just once before and it filled him with dread then. Being the target of this man’s wrath is not where Woodrow wants to be. He outstretches his arms in surrender and bows deeply, thinking quickly he stammers, “I meant no disrespect Mr. Moss. Of course what is it you wish done with these interlopers?”
“Nothing from you is required. I will deal with them. You prepare to leave for the United States immediately! The timetable has been moved forward.” Mr. Moss turns to leave and Woodrow trembles again and suddenly he has an intense need to find a place to urinate before he fouls his trousers.