Sunday, April 10, 2016

Twelves - Chapter Three

Lisbon harbor. Among several multi-storied buildings  that look out over the harbor is one that is the residence of Suleiman Gardoky and his wife Emily Wasteland.

“Sunsets are extraordinary in Lisbon, darling come see.!” exclaims Emily.

“Certainly dear, I’ve just finished Eddie’s reports.” replies Suleiman.

“These reports are just as extraordinary as your sunset. It appears from these entries that Eddie stumbled upon a group that was in possession of another book. One of significant value. Not only was he on the trail of an early copy of the Book of Revelation, but this group had secured a ancient copy of the Book of Enoch. Eddie thought he could persuade them to donate it to the Society. From the notes it appears he was headed to the southern coast of Spain to investigate further. His notes indicate that both books may be somewhere in the Atlas mountains in Morocco.”

“Morocco!” says Emily.” I love you Suleiman. You know how to show a girl all the best places!”

Suleiman smiles. “Let’s get ready for our trip to Morocco.” He says.