Saturday, May 28, 2016

Twelves - Chapter Four

Early the next morning. “The Horse is loaded let’s get going.” Suleiman says.

“What horse? We have too much to…Oh what a beautiful piece of machinery!” exclaims Emily. “What is it and where did you get it?”

“Is it gas powered, electric?” continues Emily without taking a breath.

“Neither.” says Suleiman. “It’s powered by a set of main springs, much the same way a clock is powered. You just wind it up and it goes for hours depending upon the load and speed you wish to travel. When it runs down you just wind it back up and you’re on your way again.”

“Where did you get it?” says Emily, clearly delighted with a new toy.

“America. Detroit to be exact. An independent auto maker by the name of Bildebard Hoskins. He calls it “Hoskin’s Horse”. When I found out about it I wrote to him asked him if we could field test it. He was delighted that someone took an interest in his invention. I had it shipped over and it arrived last week. I know how much you like gadgets and things. I’ve had a devil of a time keeping it a surprise. Do you like it?”

“Like it! I love it! Can I drive it?” asks Emily.

“Of course my dear, of course.” replies Suleiman. “We need to get on the road. We have a ferry to catch near Gibraltar to take us across to Morocco.”
“Then let’s go.” Says Emily taking Suleiman’s arm in hers. “Let’s go!”