Saturday, August 27, 2016

Twelves - Chapter Five continues

Once the “Horse” is unloaded from the ferry Suleiman and Emily set out across the beach. Just outside the village five men rise up from behind the dunes. Brigands! As Suleiman and Emily approach, the men block the road and level their rifles at them!

Sunday, August 14, 2016

Twelves - Chapter Five

Mid Morning, somewhere in the Portuguese countryside. “This is amazing!” says Emily. “Are these gauges correct? We’re going fifteen miles an hour?”

“Pretty impressive isn’t it. According to Mr. Hoskins this vehicle is capable of bursts of speed up to twenty-five miles an hour. Depending upon the weight it’s carrying.” Suleiman says. “At this rate we should be in Gibraltar in time to catch the ferry to Morocco.”

The trip proceeds uneventfully and soon the couple arrives in Gibraltar. Not long after Emily, Suleiman and the “Horse” are onboard the final ferry bound for Morocco. A short trip across calm blue waters and the ferry heads into a small harbor on the northern coast of Morocco.

The arrival of the ferry attracts the attention of two particularly unsavory characters. “Master says that’s the ferry the strangers are on. Master says they are not to leave the beach alive. Let the others know.” mutters one to the other.