Friday, September 9, 2016

Twelves - Chapter Six

Suleiman and Emily have just arrived in Morocco. They take the beach road to begin their trek into the Atlas Mountains when suddenly from behind some nearby dunes five brigands ambush them. Rifles at the ready the brigands block the road and begin firing!

“I’ll drive sweetheart. You take them out. You’re a better shot at this range!” shouts Suleiman. Quickly Emily hands the tiller over to Suleiman, plucks her mauser from its scabbard and levels it on her first target as brigand bullets whiz about her head. Suleiman stomps on the accelerator and the “Horse” jumps to twenty-five miles an hour! Emily’s rifle barks five times and five brigands fall to the desert floor dead.

As they cruise past the dead Emily says, “May God have mercy upon their souls.”

“Either they were just going to rob us or the same group of folks Eddie ran into knows we’re here.” said Suleiman. “We’d better keep a sharp eye out from here on out and we’ll trust in the Lord to guide and protect us.” Emily and Suleiman head off toward the distant Atlas Mountains!

Meanwhile in a cavern in those same mountains Mr. Moss erupts into a rage shouting unspeakable curses and blasphemies directed heavenward. The only response to his unholy anger is silence from heaven. “I will destroy your children, Almighty!” mutters Mr. Moss. Off in the distance thunder rumbles and Mr. Moss shudders.