Saturday, July 29, 2017

Life Intrusion

Sorry I haven't posted in a intruded again.  Family medical, work and learning some new art techniques threw me off for a while. Thanks for your patience and support. As you can see I have posted three more episodes for Gatekeeper...enjoy!

This old dog is learning some new tricks. I am in the process of changing over to a completely digital format for my stories. I used to draw and ink my stories then scan them in, color and lettering them digitally. Then I moved to just pencils and everything else digitally. Now I'm going full digital! Just purchased a 19 inch Huion GT-190 graphic tablet to do all my art on...digitally.  On top of that I also purchased "Clip Studio" what used to be called "Manga Studio". Learning curves for an old guy are a bit steep... but I'm trying.

Again, thanks for your patience and support.


Your artist,


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