Saturday, March 25, 2017

Chapter Eleven continues

 Emily finds a rope in their meager supplies and gets Suleiman off the cliff. As they rest they take stock of their situation. The encounter with Lahash and God Almighty has turned both their hair white! “I thought you said staying away from the demon was a good idea?” scolds Emily. “Hey, he ran into me.” smiles Suleiman. “Though you do look very dashing in white my dear.” says Emily as she runs her fingers through Suleiman’s hair. “As do you, my love. Now let’s go see what awaits us inside that temple.” replies Suleiman.
After a prayer of deliverance, Suleiman and Emily enter the now strangely quiet temple. Each room and hallway they transit yields greater treasures than the last. Climbing a set of stairs brings them to the main vault. And there upon a pedestal they see what they were searching for…The Book of Revelation!

Saturday, March 11, 2017

Twelves - Chapter Eleven

Emily clambers down from her perch and rushes over to the cliff edge to where she last saw Suleiman. As she peers over the edge she hears a familiar voice, “A little help, please.”

There hanging is Suleiman…he’s alive!


Saturday, March 4, 2017

Twelves - Chapter Ten continues

At the cliffs edge Lahash (Mr. Moss) suddenly freezes as if gripped by some powerful unseen force. A disembodied voice, sounding like rolling thunder, booms out across the temple grounds. “ABOMINATION WICKED AND EVIL YOU ARE!  IN MY SIGHT YOU HAVE SOUGHT TO HARM THOSE PRECIOUS TO ME, MY CHILDREN! YOUR UNHOLY MERGER OF FLESH AND SPIRIT OFFENDS ME FALLEN ONE. YOU WILL DWELL ON THIS EARTH NO MORE! YOU ARE CONSIGNED TO THE PIT UNTIL JUDGEMENT DAY!
Lahash looks skyward with frightened eyes and whimpers, “Mercy, Lord.” But even as he utters the words he knows there is no mercy, not for him.
In the next instance two things happen simultaneously, a bolt of lightning strikes Lahash ripping the fallen angel’s spirit from his body just as the two bullets fired by Emily impact the skull of Lahash’s now empty body. Both body and spirit are destroyed in a flash.